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Top Five Austin Staycation Destinations (via airbnb.com)

by Jude Galligan in Blog

While it might be too late or expensive to book a flight for this weekend, go ahead and treat yourself to an Austin staycation.  Skip boring hotels. Rent a house (or a trailer) for the weekend.  Have a dinner party and sleepover with your friends.

We scoured airbnb.com to find the best of what Austin has to offer.  We found five amazing destinations.  All of which we want to buy (if the owners ever put these up for sale.)  Until then, we’ve got a plan for five weekends this year.  Enjoy!


TOP 5 Austin Staycation Destinations (via Airbnb.com)

1) South Austin Cottage (link)

According to the owner of this Bouldin Creek bungalow, “The house has tons of character and a great location”. And, unless ours eyes deceive us, awesome wood walls.



2) Artist Home and Studio (link)

The cool factor of this Downtown/East Side home is off the charts. Gorgeous materials, black painted bathroom, close attention given to the furniture and fixtures.



3) Restored Lake Travis Log Cabin on 26 Acres (link)

“Two miniature donkeys in residence plus wildlife.”  So, it’s got the requisite animals.  Two in miniature form (!).  Don’t overlook the incredible Lake Travis frontage, though.  This is cottage is perfect for city slickers who want to play in the country for a weekend.


4) The Writing Barn (link)

Sitting on 7.2 acres in South Austin.  A large open space with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves as inspiration, this space invites you to begin writing that autobiography.  Only vegetarians welcome “for meat free renters only.”



5) East Side Airstream Trailer (link)

C’mon, you’ve always wanted to try this out.  The owners have tastefully restores this Airstream, complemented with “a grill and picnic table right outside the door and some nice hammocks hanging in the shade trees. There’s also a giant chiminea that you’re welcome to use.”.





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