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2012 Recap: Top Stories for Westlake Hills – Austin, Texas

by Amber Gugino in Blog


The Westlake Picayune recently published an article that outlined what people were reading about Westlake each month in 2012.  Some interesting highlights:

February 2012:  Westlake City Council reviewed a proposal that would effectively phase out duplexes in Westlake – converting these properties to single-family homes when the properties ran the course of their “useful lives.”  This was a “hotly debated” issue, which one could argue was a blanket attempt to clear the city of more affordable living options, and was eventually dismissed from consideration.

July 2012: Westlake Hills got a new wastewater system.  They paid $16MM for the system that will service about a third of the residents of the city.  The City’s position was that by purchasing the wastewater system themselves, they will save millions of dollars in financing and maintenance.

December 2012: WH decides to keep their City elections in May, rather than moving to November, despite the arguments for cost savings.

For the full review, check out the original story.

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